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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Customer stories


Crazy Mary

Owner requirement: The owner of Crazy Mary required a website which would store the history of the band. Plus he...

Hearts Speak

Owner requirement: Hearts Speak was looking for a new company to maintain their website as the last service company couldn't...

The New York Hedge Fund Roundtable

Owner requirement: The New York Hedge Fund Roundtable required a website renewal. Since the old website was build on a...

Daniel Lennon Webb

Owner requirement: Daniel Lennon Webb is a upcoming 3D artist. He specializes in internal design. He required a website which...

Rona Conti

Owner requirement: Rona Conti is a painter and Japanese calligrapher whose artwork is represented in public, private and corporate collections,...


Owner requirement: The Sustainability Investment Leadership Committee required a new website to promote their new yearly event. The design had...

Sakiko Yanagisawa

Owner requirement: Sakiko Yanagisawa, a well known Master Japanese Calligrapher, asked for a website which would have a gallery and...

Nagamura Koji

Owner requirement: Tsugarn shamisen player Nagamura Koji required a website for his profile. The site also had to show his...


Owner requirement: A website where readers could easily find articles on calligraphy as well as have sections for Ad revenue....