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Running a small business is like embarking on a big adventure, and as the owner, finding time to set up, update, and keep a website can be a real challenge. It gets even tougher because you’re not exactly a tech expert. The technical stuff, like coding and algorithms, can feel like a whole different language, and the worry of making a major mistake hangs over you, potentially affecting how your business looks online.

Besides the challenges of time and technical skills, there’s also a big worry about keeping things safe and private. With more and more online threats these days, making sure sensitive information is secure has become super important. The thought of a possible security breach can really keep you up at night, thinking about how it could affect your customers’ trust and your business’s reputation.

But here’s the silver lining: we are experts who specialize in helping small businesses like yours tackle these challenges. We understand that time, tech skills, and keeping everything updated and patched can be tricky. Plus, we make sure security and privacy are top priorities, so your website and your customers’ info stay safe. With our Service Edge, You can focus on growing your business, knowing that your online presence is in good hands. Together, we’ll navigate the digital landscape, making sure your business shines bright online.

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My initial concern wasn’t about the cost, but rather the functionality of the website

Having a successful business, my primary focus was on a website that functioned seamlessly, prioritizing effectiveness over cost. This technological upgrade has greatly improved user experience. Having never worked closely with a website designer before, I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized service and weekly meetings. They not only keep me motivated but also provide essential accountability, pushing me to continuously enhance the website.

I wholeheartedly recommend TST Technology. The personal attention, accountability, and technical guidance provided, particularly for someone like me with limited technical background, are priceless. Furthermore, the understanding and acceptance of my unique workstyle, including the occasional indulgence, is greatly appreciated.

Mary E Buelow, DVM, DAVDC

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Identifying the most effective solutions

Collaborating with this TST web services has revolutionized our website management protocols. Their rapid response during emergencies, coupled with an intimate grasp of our site’s architecture, allows for precise troubleshooting and saves invaluable time. As a compact, dynamically evolving organization, their adaptability has proven invaluable in navigating operational challenges.

Dave’s unwavering commitment to identifying the most effective solutions distinguishes this service. Their genuine concern for our success resonates in every interaction, creating a transformative partnership.

Dr. Michelle Samuel, VMD, DACVO

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They are more than a technical solution; they try to understand the problem

I wanted to make the switch to self-hosted WordPress, and the degree of technical knowledge for what I needed was overwhelming. TST Technology handled everything and still handles all. The more I call around to see the level of service and price that others offer, the more I confirm that I made the right choice. I appreciate Dave as a strategist and advisor almost more than as my tech guru.

They are more than a technical solution; they try to understand the problem. It’s like hiring them to take me to the grocery store, but they are not only going to carry groceries. They will also help me improve my diet and make sure I am eating the correct foods. Not only are they doing the technology, but they are trying to understand and advance the business. I can trust them. Trust is very important to me.

Nicolas Johnson

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Web maintenance was something we had not considered

Being able to budget for web maintenance was something we had not considered. Now we can definitely see the payoff of being able to have someone respond to our website emergencies and knowing someone knows the operation function of our website. We don’t have to explain much as they built it, so they know what is going wrong in situations.

Since our organization is tiny and changing a lot, working with someone who can respond to those kinds of changes has been huge for us.

Additionally, Dave sincerely cares about finding what works the best. We have worked with others, and they did not care.

Lisa and Caitlin

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