TST Technology's Journey in Web Development!

Building Dreams in Japan:

I started TST Tokyo / TST Technology with a dream of making websites in Japan. Even though I didn’t speak Japanese, I built websites for people I knew to practice and get better.

In 2010, a friend introduced me to Lauren, the owner of PaperConnection. Her website was just a simple shopping site, but the shopping part wasn’t working for a whole year. Her developer had stopped responding and was holding her domain name hostage. The hosting company promised to help, but didn’t follow through. She was frustrated and had spent a lot of money for nothing.

I volunteered to help and tried to fix the problem, but it was too messed up to repair. So, I built her a new website, moved it to a new host, and got back her domain name. In a few weeks, everything was running smoothly, and she was making sales again.

A month later, Lauren called to thank me again and asked if I could keep helping with her website. I hadn’t planned on it, since I already had a full-time job. But as we talked, it seemed like a great idea.

That’s how I started working full time with Total Support Team Tokyo (ティー.エス.ティー トウキョウ), bringing my tech skills and passion together to support businesses.

Who We Are

The Faces Behind TST Technology:

Dave Gosine

Founder, Web Developer

Joined Xerox in 1994 as a systems analyst. Integrated printers into print shops lacking networks, acting as their IT department. Learned advanced networking skills. Built first website in 1998. Won Xerox President Club award, leading to transformative European travel. Inspired to leave Xerox and explore Asia, eventually reaching Japan. Established TST Tokyo / TST Technology for website development in Japan.

Steve Katin

SEO, Copywriter


Kenichi Arai


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