Unlock More Possibilities with Premium Plugins

With WordPress, there are a lot of plugins available – both free and paid. But why should you consider paying for a plugin, instead of just using a free one? Well, there are several reasons it’s worth it to invest in a paid plugin. Professionalism and quality assurance are two things that you can always…

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Why pay monthly for website service

One area that I highly recommend for businesses is investing in a monthly website service. With creating and maintaining a website, businesses have a few options. They can create a website from scratch, use a platform like WordPress, or hire a professional to create and maintain their website. While it may tempt you to save…

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How to setup an “out of office” reply with round mail

How to setup an "out of office" reply with round mail

How to set up an “Out of office” reply with round mail. The solution to get an “Out of office”, “Close for the holidays” or “on Vacation“ reply is to use the round mail filter settings.  Under the filter setting select “All messages” for incoming mail. Next set “reply with message” under execute the following…

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