Nagamura Koji

Owner requirement: Tsugarn shamisen player Nagamura Koji required a website for his profile. The site also had to show his live twitter feed on the front page as well as his upcoming events. It also had to be simple for him to update his information. Solution: We created an eye-catching front banner of him playing…

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Strategize Up

Owner requirement: Strategize Up’s website must be mobile and HTML5 ready. As well as simple to navigate. Solution: Website was build around the idea of using the thumb to navigate, so most information is located on the front page. We are in the process of updating the website for the client. Website: Location: New…

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Sakiko Yanagisawa


Owner requirement: Sakiko Yanagisawa, a well known Master Japanese Calligrapher, asked for a website which would have a gallery and a section to update her fans. Solution: We created a blog style website with a Gallery page. Website: Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Owner requirement: A website where readers could easily find articles on calligraphy as well as have sections for Ad revenue. Solution: The design was based on keeping the most important information (articles and ad revenue) above the fold. This is similar to a newspaper design. Website: Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Security audit


One of the first things we do when taking on a new client is a security audit. This is part of the security plan and involves us going through your site, looking for common security holes and hardening your installation through best practices.

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